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FINTESSILE SRL was founded in 1987 as textile finishing company. The aim of the company is to develop and supply customized solutions based on the customers’ requests. FINTESSILE SRL provides innovative solutions that could be applied to a variety of industrial sectors: footwear, clothing, medical, automotive, building, graphic and so on. These results come from our investments In technology and new equipment and our know-how and expertise.


FINTESSILE SRL is now a leading company in the finishing treatments, resin-bonding, coating pressure sensitive adhesives and thermo reactive adhesives on any kind of material (textile fibers, synthetic fibers, PE film, paper and so on.)

FINTESSILE SRL is equipped with 5 coating lines, 1 automatic cutting and 4 automatic enroller machines. Since October 2010 the company is ISO 9001:2015 certified (click to download the certificate).


Our key metrics:

  • 11.500 sqm of total company surface
  • 6.000 sqm building area
  • 30 employees
  • 50.000 lm of materials produced daily
  • 7 coating lines: 2 UV acrilyc hom melt coaters, solvent adhesive coater with regenerative thermal oxidizer , rameuse coater, rubber based hot melt coater  and 2 thermo reactive hot melt coaters
  • 1 slitter rewinder machine, 4 rewinder machines
  • 1 R&D lab with testing and quality control equipments